A Bit of a Change...!

You may notice, I've started to replace the small image and watermark with a coloured image as I don't think the watermark was working - too easy to clean off and I think you get a better idea of the image when it's coloured - a bit like the rubber stamps with the image on the wooden handle!
Hope you like this way of displaying my images.

Let me know what you think

E-mail for PayPal payments and all enquiries : eiglas@eiglas.co.uk

Instructions for watermarks

It's in a .png format. Take care not to re-save it as a jpg (very easily done!)as it will no longer be transparent.

Save it to a convenient location, like your desktop or a file in your 'photos' folder.

Take your photo and save it.

Open it in your graphics program..

Open watermark.

Click 'copy' on watermark and MINIMIZE or CLOSE watermark.

Click on photo and 'paste' . You watermark will appear in the centre of your photo (and possibly the wrong size too as I make them big for a good clean resolution when reduced).

Use your 'move' tool to move it to where you want. On my program the same tool can alter size too.

Once happy with the watermark's size/position, 'save' photo with a title and in a place you will find it again.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New digi images

I see from my Feejit that someone from Scotsdale Arizona has been searching for Golf related digis more than once.

Please do remember that if I don't have a digi that you are looking for, I'm very happy to draw one especially for you at only a little extra cost - £4.00.

This digi still remains my copyright so I will include it in my catalogue unless  the client wishes to buy the copyright and keep it exclusively for themselves in which case I will be happy to sort something out with them.

I would also be happy to make watermarks to order for the same price.  Just let me know what you want on your watermark and what totem you prefer.

I can show samples on request.

My pc is under maintenance at the mo so I can't upload anything just now but please, feel free to e-mail me or visit my Facebook  page.

Ei x

Monday, 28 April 2014

.......don't forget, if I don't have the digi you're looking for, I'm happy to draw bespoke digis for you. If you supply a photograph, I'll even try to make them resemble someone!

Most of my 'realistic' digis have been drawn from one of my own photographs. I don't use a software program to do it - I use a pen and pencil and then scan in to clean up and upload.

Most of my children and faeries are drawn from my children and grandchildren - one or two are pushing 40 years old! lol!

I do Pet Portraits too, so don't forget the four-legged members of the family!

This is a drawing of my own dog - my Merlin.

I drew it from this photo

 See ya soon!
Ei x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Eiglas Clear Polymer Artstamps

I've had my first sheet of clear polymer stamps made! 
I'm chuffed with them and invite you to buy any of them on the sheet - only one of each for now to see how they go.

image now removed 

If you are interested in any one of these, please just PayPal £4.50 to eiglas@eiglas.co.uk and I'll post it out to you!

Eiglas signature

Monday, 3 March 2014

Do you fancy any of my digis in clear polymer stamp form instead...?

...if so, please e-mail me as I can supply them in this form too now.
Just drop me a line at the above e-mail addy and I'll sort it for you!

Ei x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Special

I often do 'Friday Freebies but this week I'm doing a Sunday Special!

For the rest of the week, until 6:00pm next Sunday 9th March 2014, I'm offering  free digis or paperpack to the value of £5.00 for just £1.00.

You pick! :D

Anyone interested, just leave a comment in the comment box below, with the name of your choice and I'll give this offer to the first five applicants.

Can't say fairer than that, can I...?  ;)


Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

New Year - New beginnings!

I've had a few health issues over the last couple of years and last year was something of a turning point for me, culminating in a major op which, quite literally, gave me my life back!

This year, I am hooping this will continue and give me and my family another excellent year as was 2013!

I hope to have more time and inclination for my drawing too!

Going to start the New Year with a FREEBIE!

Please feel free to 'snag' this collage and use it with my best wishes!

Would very much appreciate a comment or if you would give a small credit to Eiglas for the image when you use it.

I find it really baffling that I get a high footfall of visitors but no-one ever comments! LOL!

Feel free also to visit my other blog at Eiglas for tuts and projects of all kinds.

Hope you all have a lovely, crafty 2014!

Ei x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Stamp Out Theft

I know this site thrives on neglect - I tend to only come over here to add the odd digi - but I've been interested in a newish site on Facebook. 

Anyone who visits this page on a regular basis (and I know peeps do because of the 'Feedjit' app on the sidebar) will have seen the red and black 'Stamp Out Theft' badge - well it now leads to an updated Facebook page - go visit - very informative! LOL!

Got more new digis to upload when I get a few minutes!
Ei x