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You may notice, I've started to replace the small image and watermark with a coloured image as I don't think the watermark was working - too easy to clean off and I think you get a better idea of the image when it's coloured - a bit like the rubber stamps with the image on the wooden handle!
Hope you like this way of displaying my images.

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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Eiglas Digistamps

Ignore the posting date - it's wrong! This was posted 11/07/2010

I've been asked, on a fairly constant basis, to sell my digistamps, so I thought I'd try to set up a 'showroom' on here.
So I do ask for your patience as it ain't gonna be right immediately...! LOL!

I need to find out how to put up a shopping trolley and a PayPal button but until then, I guess if you would like one of my images, the best thing would be to e-mail me on eiglas@eiglas.co.uk with a return e-mail address and I'll mail it to you!

If there are any images you would like to see, let me know and I'll do my best to furnish them!
Hope you like the things I put on - they're my own work and I'd appreciate it very much if you would send me a link to anything you make with them so I can leave a comment!

I will discount 10% for multiple purchases.

Three Floral Borders - £2.50

These borders come as a set.

Rocking Horse 1 - £2.00

Puss In Boots - £2.00

Happy Skipper - £2.00

Brodie & Bonnie 1 £2.50

Brodie Bear - £2.00

Brodie in Cap & Gown - £2.50

(this digi comes with separate cap & gown so you can layer)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ei, these are all gorgeous. I'm soooo glad you've decided to do this. Since you asked .... I'd love to see some of your fabulous snowmen on here. I'm leaving on vacation so I'll catch up with buying when I get back. hugs to you, eisey


Thankk you for taking the time to look at my digis - PayPal button coming soon!