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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Merlin and little Magic a couple of weeks before they went to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope they're together there, patiently waiting for me.

Hopefully, they'll have met up with my other dogs, China, Kindi, Kerry & Judy and will be having wonderful games of chase and Merlin will still be throwing his ball for the little pup who never got to twelve weeks of age.

Beautiful, serene Kerry will mother them all and naughty China will try to hump everyone and get beaten up by matriarch Kerry for his efforts!
That little strumpet Judy, however, will probably encourage him shamelessly! She was such a little monkey!
Little Magic will forever be the beguiling little girl she was when we had those precious few weeks with her.

I miss them all so much but the loss of my Merlin will be a tear in my heart as long as I live.



  1. Oh! Ei - it brings a tear to my eye...I grew up with dogs and my folks have Molly(a Redoodle) and Punch a springer - they really are part of the family! x

  2. Ei, I am so saddened by your loss. I've only had 3 dogs in my married life and each loss made a big hole in my heart. My last one went almost 5 years ago and I still get tears thinking about her. I received the poem about the Rainbow Bridge and it was comforting.

    On another note, thanks for visiting my blog. It has given me an opportunity to look at your blogs. I am still marveling at how beautiful everything is, on this blog and the others.

  3. If someone is throwing a ball on the rainbow bridge, my Charlie will be there fetching it! I hope your sweeties and mine meet up. Max will show them where all the good treats are hidden. Charlie will show them how to play volley ball from the side of a pool. It's been 8 and 3 years since they left and I still miss them every single day. hugs, eisey

  4. Hi Ei, I am sure your little ones will all have met up and be having fun, I was quite emotional as I read your story, I had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Merlin, who I lost over 20 years ago and still think of him often,his favourite pastime was to jump over the fence and sit in the middle of the Bowling green whilst the bowlers were trying to play, so I hope he found a bowling green over the rainbow bridge, and hope that he is with his mum Smokie , people who don't have dogs can never understand the emotional attachment you have to them...hugs kath...


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