A Bit of a Change...!

You may notice, I've started to replace the small image and watermark with a coloured image as I don't think the watermark was working - too easy to clean off and I think you get a better idea of the image when it's coloured - a bit like the rubber stamps with the image on the wooden handle!
Hope you like this way of displaying my images.

Let me know what you think

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Instructions for watermarks

It's in a .png format. Take care not to re-save it as a jpg (very easily done!)as it will no longer be transparent.

Save it to a convenient location, like your desktop or a file in your 'photos' folder.

Take your photo and save it.

Open it in your graphics program..

Open watermark.

Click 'copy' on watermark and MINIMIZE or CLOSE watermark.

Click on photo and 'paste' . You watermark will appear in the centre of your photo (and possibly the wrong size too as I make them big for a good clean resolution when reduced).

Use your 'move' tool to move it to where you want. On my program the same tool can alter size too.

Once happy with the watermark's size/position, 'save' photo with a title and in a place you will find it again.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Not been over here very much recently - been way too busy drawing to actually upload very much! LOL!

Mainly being asked for Pet Portraits and I'd like to put them on here but have the usual problem of watermarking them effectively and I don't have time just now for colouring - which is why I've not updated for a while.

One I'm happy to post though is a bespoke one though it may be a bit late for most of you to use.....
Please feel free to 'snag' this one for a while - if you would be very kind and credit Eiglas with the image, should you use it (just 'image by Eiglas' is fine!) it would be very much appreciated!

Offer ended - image removed

Wishing you all a wonderful Christ mas 2012 and New Year 2013!
Hugs Ei x


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